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freedom Formula

Imagine your business as a mountain and The Small Business Freedom Formula as your guide. I’ve written this book to assist you to reach the peak and accomplish new feats with your business, feats that you never thought possible. After all, entrepreneurs aren’t born ready. They are shaped. And luckily, you don’t have to climb that mountain alone. Start your expedition today with The Small Business Freedom Formula.

The Small Business Freedom Formula Provides The Blueprint

so you can begin the process of shaping yourself and your business today, to grow, scale, and eventually sell your business if you so desire. It’s the blueprint for reaching ultimate freedom. Freedom to gradually remove yourself from the day to day operating of your business so that you have the time, energy, and resources to work on your business, rather than in it. After achieving this level of freedom, you might then decide to take it to another level—and sell your business for a healthy profit.

Do you want to create a scalable business that can operate without your daily presence?

The Small Business Freedom Formula delivers, in detail, the seven aspects of your business you need to develop to reach this goal:

1. Foundation
2. Execution
3. Clients
4. Teams
5. Systems
6. Money
7. Exit

My aim, both with The Small Business Freedom Formula and with my entrepreneur support team, 4 Level Coach (4LC), is to create elite entrepreneurs that develop great teams and businesses that ultimately win. Winning with your business means you are able to grow it, scale it, and eventually sell it. The basis for the freedom formula is my own experience starting, growing, scaling, and selling my own businesses for a healthy profit.