Let's get you off the ground


No matter how eager you are to get started, we ALWAYS start off with a Business Assessment.

It’s important for us to know the following things:

  1. Review 3 – 5 Year Goals
  2. Analyze The BIG 4 (Money, Time, Team & Systems) state in your business
  3. Identify the IRC’s (Issues, Roadblocks & Challenges) in your business
  4. Walk you through the Freedom Builders Program
  5. Figure out a 90 Day Blueprint for you Custom Home Building or Remodelling business

Once we’ve got a clear idea on where you are and where you are heading, we can decide on the best route and program for you. 

Whether you are fully committed to joining or still not sure if this is right, you’ll benefit from this call to get clarity on your goals and game plan. And it’s Free

MAKE A CHANGE IN THE FIRST quarter with us


Every Builder and Remodeller has money falling through the cracks. It’s just a matter of how much. We guarantee to find it all with our 10-Point Diagnostic Tool. 

The first thing we’ll do is assess and diagnose the 10 Key Areas leaking cash. 

We’ll give you a Success Coach to work through our 6 Week Cash Builder Bootcamp explicitly designed to find every dollar you’re missing and leave you with a step-by-step Game Plan to capture every one of those dollars. 

After the 6 weeks you’ll be given lifetime access to all the contents that has every system you need to execute your Game Plan including … the SOPs, Templates, Tools, Training Guides and Spreadsheets.

If you’re making $1 Million + in revenue we can GUARANTEE we will find $50,000 or you get your money back. 


freedom builders


Now that you understand the blueprint of your business. It’s time to implement and be held accountable for reaching your goals. 

We have 5 pillars in our program that all work together to ensure your success



Our coaches will be there to make each week to help you gain clarity and motivation and find out how to breakthrough the roadblocks.

Here is what you can expect by joining the weekly sessions:

Celebrating Wins

Questions & Answers

Learning New Tools

Breakouts For Community Discussion

Clarity on Vital Focus

Reminders of Goals

Understanding your 12 Critical Numbers



We have created an online program specifically for Custom Home Builders & Remodelers. Each video will relate exactly back to you and your business.

Here is what you can get in FBA:

Systems needed to get your business like a well-oiled machine

SOPs that are ready to be implemented

Templates that are easy plug and play

Tools to help you get clarity

Ready to use Spreadsheets for tracking

Clear Checklists to understand exactly what you need



We often get lost in our day-to-day chaos and forget the things that will move the needle. We know it is critical to refocus every 90 days. Did you reach your goal, has your goals changed?

In the session we will cover:

Vision Test on the past quarter’s progress

Goal setting on our 3-year vision

Forward plan on what needs to be accomplished

Clarity on the 90 day vitals



You’re not alone. All our Success coaches are hardworking entrepreneurs that understand your world, your business and everything you go through from beginning to end.

You’ll have immediate access to chatting with our coaches, whether you want to clarify a question about your estimates or you need help implementing an SOP



We are nothing without our community. As an entrepreneur it can sometimes get lonely, battling the world of business by yourself. Be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs. Learn from their mistakes, and share yours.

Being part of a group is not only fun but very powerful.

You’ll have access to the Facebook group, breakout sessions and power hours with others.

Are you ready to take the leap?